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BlueYield offers a suite of custom software applications designed exclusively for lenders  in the automotive “direct” finance market. Our software applications provide lenders the tools needed to efficiently and connect with consumers, and gives lenders the ability to accurately monitor portfolio performance and use predictive analytics stay competitive in today’s competitive business environment.



BlueYield’s proprietary credit application exchange, BlueLink™, links financial institutions, lead sources and consumers with application data needed for all aspects of the loan transaction. BlueYield’s advanced decision engine enables lenders to automate and accelerate the direct automotive financing process by filtering leads that best meet their lending criteria.



BlueYield has created a user-friendly interface, BlueWorld™, which allows members of the exchange access to their data in a secure environment. The interface offers the consumer tools such as payment calculators and FAQs to help guide them through the car buying experience. BlueYield also offers private label options to its lending partners that can seamlessly integrate into any existing IT environment.



BlueYield’s back office system, BlueOps™, supports businesses by allowing them to manage every part of the auto financing transaction. The system will facilitate all day-to-day transactions to include taking the application, hosting electronic documents and coordinating funding activities. BlueYield’s Centers of Excellence also allow businesses to outsource any portion of the transaction including critical areas such as customer sales, service, and title conversion.

The BlueYield Automotive Lending Exchange provides efficient access to direct auto applications specifically screened to fit each lender’s risk profile. Lenders gain access to a portfolio of lead sources with a single, simple implementation of the exchange.

  • A loan application feeds into our proprietary software that pre-screens the applicant for a match with an appropriate lending partner.
  • Our routing engine allows our lending partners to “target” the right consumer based upon their predefined credit and underwriting criteria.
  • Our lenders are given first right of refusal for all loans that meet their criteria.
  • Loan contracts and related documents are drawn in the name of the lender with execution completed by our Blue Yield staff.

We do not “shop” our applications.  We route applications to one lender at a time. The application submission process ceases once a credit approval is secured for the borrower.


It's incredibly easy to Pre-Qualify. Get started now.


Partner with BlueYield and your customers benefit from:


  • A nationwide, multi-lender network offering the most competitive interest rates and the broadest credit spectrum coverage available
  • 24/7 customer call center delivering exemplary service and "live" person access
  • State-of-the-art technology allowing our partners to view relevant customer status data via a proprietary Partner Portal




BlueYield puts the power of the car loan process back in the hands of the consumer. Our lending exchange means you get unparalleled access to the lowest auto loan rates and the best terms available anywhere, anytime. Learn More...


Partners secure electronic access to a network of lenders providing full spectrum credit coverage. Lender development, management and connectivity are all managed through the exchange. Learn More...


Our Lender Exchange provides access to direct auto applications specifically screened to fit each lender’s risk profile. Lenders gain access to a portfolio of lead sources with a single, simple implementation with the exchange. Learn More...

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